Our divisions cater to a broad range of consumers from new born, schools, colleges, athletic category and professionals. At ACC we are building a solid ground to becoming a focal point in design clothing in every field.

The business of each division is independent of the other divisions. But the skills mastered in one particular field are shared among the teams for a better execution of work. Each division concentrates the expertise of the team in a specific area and thus increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of the operations falling under that particular division.


Scribbles have grown to become the pioneer in school uniforms. The design is truly our focal point. The products speak for themselves, with the intricate detailed designing and contemporary style. The designs we put out to the various schools do not look like your usual school uniforms. The team is a powerhouse with the right attitude where our talented team of designers take on an extensive selection of fabrics, colour palettes, their varied experience and expertise to turn the school's vision and our ideas into reality.

The more unique and stylish they are, the more likely customers are to remember you, tell their friends about you, and come back to buy more. It is thus essential to find attractive uniforms that stand out from the competition. As a uniform marker, our job is to show how our products can achieve all of the goals. This means not only illuminating the value of our uniform, but also tailoring different products to the unique characteristics of each school.


The modern economy is increasingly defined by the massive scale of business. Companies continue to expand their operations across the country or even all over the world. While this development creates new opportunities, it also can give rise to challenges, especially for companies that require their employees to wear uniforms. Workaholic can help their clients meet these challenges by designing functional clothing based on the understanding of work wear, the importance of innovation in work attire and the need for new concepts in the field.

GRAD was added as Workaholic’s crew sub-brand when we discovered a need for new-age collegiate clothing. Though the idea was one that had not gained popularity before the brand’s inception, there was a need for professionalism among students that was recognised by Academicians and Institute Administrators. To cater to students of higher education institutions, we developed a brand that offered a disciplined clothing option along with individuality that students expected. GRAD college-wear creates a sense of budding professionalism, an anomalous identity and individualism for each student.

Yellow Arrow is another exclusive service from the division of Workaholic to cater to the growing promotional clothing needs in various organisations. Yellow Arrow offers a set of standard products for corporate in form of t-shirts, polo shirts, hooded jackets, shirts, and ties so on. Yellow Arrow offers products at multiple price bands for various end uses like marathon, product promotion, employee motivation, corporate gifting, team wear and event clothing. Yellow Arrow allows minimal customisation in terms of embroidery and prints to be added on to the surface and offers a wide range of colours and fabrics to choose from.


India remains one of the most promising markets for apparel due to the ever burgeoning economic activities and ever widening consumer base. The Indian apparel market is expected to grow at a rate of 9% till the year 2023. In 2013, kids wear, alone contributed 20% of India’s apparel market, but given its higher growth rate, this share is expected to increase to 22% by 2023.

Solittle was created to carter to that market of value - conscious parents, who do not want to spend much on clothing but yet want their children to be clothed in bespoke apparel. Solittle ensures better penetration beyond urban pockets and cater to the price-sensitive children’s segments in semi-urban and rural India. In the recent past the kids - wear brands have struggled in terms of planning store expansions with adequate prudence and analysis and thus have been forced into rolling back plans.


Yoka is a line of customised fabrics which cater to those needs. We are trying to bridge that gap of requirement of fabrics for designers with Yoka. We offer fabric in two ways; in standard designs as per the fashion forecast, and also on the demand of the customers where we can analyse the parameters required and structure the fabric as per the need. We create fabrics with different varieties with respect to the quality and durability. We produce different fabrics taking into account the fashion forecast thrice a year.

The idea for Yoka is that any designer can explore their new ideas and experiment with their designs with ease. We have created the fabrics with both traditional and contemporary designs. We play with the different combinations of fabric and we offer them in all fabric mixes and construction. Our designers are influenced and inspired by the colours, nature, people and ever changing dynamics of our country. We work with in an environment where we already have the infrastructure in place to support our needs. We enjoy mixing traditional textile elements with local iconography, resulting in a new design appeal without losing its local relevance and sentiment. Aspiring designers do the sketching, patterning and have a look at the sample because our fabrics are readily available for them. With fabric design as our prime focus our team, our design team has the ability to create simple yet unique fabrics recognisable for the look for needs.